Charlton Community Input

Three Walls project in Charlton looks to deliver murals that speak stories of the community.

The best way to tell real stories that resinate with the residents of Charlton is to ask them directly. Charlton has many historic stories to tell and a prosperous future to aim towards. We’re looking to dive deep and get a feel for the real life heroes of Charlton, what makes the township unique and how the locals of Charlton want to see their town portrayed to international visitors, grey nomads and surrounding regions.

How will this information be used?

To create a truly amazing collection of murals we need to hand creative licence to the artists. The magic lies in the space between true local stories and ideas that resinate with the artist. The community input will be handed over to our artists as a raw source of inspiration.

We’re also looking for commonalities between responses, taking the overall results and creating a set of murals that represent a cross-section of the Charlton community.

Will we paint your idea?

There are only three walls being painted during this project and we’re certain there are more than three stories that should be told. Unfortunately not every idea or story will make it to the walls (insert sad face). We will, however, be compiling your well crafted submissions to help inform future art installations.

Your submissions will also help inform the Buloke Shire and Charlton Community groups about what’s important to the community members and feed new ideas in the future.

Can I submit anonymously

We respect that you may wish to remain anonymous, we would like to encourage you to include a phone number as a means for our artists to follow up and ask further questions should they find your submission particularly touching. We respect your privacy and while your email address is required, it will NOT be added to a mailing list unless you specify that you would like to be kept up to date with project information.

Would you like to receive updates? *
We will be sending emails relating to project times, dates and other information as it becomes available.
What is it that makes Charlton unique? It could be about the people, township, industry, people, historic event, landscape, wildlife or anything in between. It could also be a feature that is past, present or future.
Please give us an overview of the story in 100 words or less. Provide your contact details if you wish to be contacted for further information.
They may be from the past of the present. Put your most important answer FIRST.
Is there anything else you'd like to let us know?