We’re excited to be curating Three Walls in Charlton, the first activation of the Charlton Art Trail.

Expressions of interest for local artists opens 11/10/19
Local community input for artists opens 11/10/19

Jack Fran

jack has descended on Bendigo to add a breathtaking mural to our streets.

Brewhouse Building, Bath Lane.

Paint Jam

Street artists and Graffiti writers of Bendigo unite

We opened up some walls along the Back Creek Art Trail for street artists, graffiti writers and other artists who are interested in experimenting with aerosol and graffiti techniques.

Project Underpass

Bendigos first artist ride

4 artists, 3 bridges and a whole lot of concrete walls filled with street art.

Pop Up

A Community LED intersection MURAL

The locals helped generate ideas and execute this mural that aims to slow traffic along a popular shared path.

Pennyweight Walk

Open air exhibition

Bringing together a myriad of artists and styles that boast a contemporary flair and breathe new life into this inner-city artery.

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