Hey look who’s in town!!

THREE amazing mural artists are bringing some colour to the walls of Charlton.



One of the walls was always destined to be painted by a local, Mr. Torney happens to live in St Arnaud and has been selected as our local artist. Kyle works with many mediums, you’ll see his Insta feed full of explorative sketches in charcoal, biro and of course, spray paint.

Kyle melds together traditional exploration of the human figure with modern application techniques. His artworks are always expressive and sure to make you stop and stare.

Instagram: @ktorneyart



Based in Adelaide, Jack Fran has an exciting and unique approach to colour and subject matter. We’ve known him to always produce bold crowd pleasers.

He said he was keen to paint a tractor, who would have guessed it, Charlton invented one…. We can’t wait to see what he delivers.

Instagram: @_jackfran



Kate Pullen is a Melbourne based typography superstar. You’ll find her hand drawn letters on books, ad campaign, posters and best of all, large scale murals.

You can expect Kates mural to jump from the wall with bright colour and dynamic shapes. Look closer to see the amazing attention to detail Kate uses to tell stories through her art.

Website: www.katepullendraws.com