Pennyweight Walk was revitalised with the introduction of 11 new large-scale artworks made by some of Victoria’s most exciting artists.

Bringing together a myriad of artists and styles to boast a contemporary flair and breathe new life into one of Bendigo’s historic laneways.

The name ‘Pennyweight’ is a reminder of a once golden gully in Bendigo. It saw people from all walks of life come together, side by side, in the search for gold. The coming together of strangers, with a common goal, has built the foundations for the city’s strong community spirit. In the spirit of the dried up gully, we’re relaunching Pennyweight Walk in 2018 by bringing together artists from all walks of life to create a unique exhibition celebrating the meeting of art styles.

This Open Air Exhibition is a meeting of ambitious artists from across Victoria sharing their individual narratives.

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A sneak preview of some amazing work now residing on the streets of Bendigo.

The artists

Mysterious Al

Al's paintings are based on ancient tribal masks, reimagined in wild contemporary colours. His work is striking and at first glance intimidating. But look closer and you’ll see fragility, vulnerability and pieces that poke fun at man’s psyche and fragile sense of self.

INSTAGRAM: @mysteriousal


Mike 11

Mikes expressive portraiture work focuses on subjects whose sense of identity is met with both confidence and fragility. Known for my dynamic gestures of paint and wild brush strokes, his work leans on the texture of the walls and embraces the serendipity of the painting process.

INSTAGRAM: @mike.eleven


Callum warren

Callum's work seeks to push the boundaries of realism and surrealism. Putting together mundane everyday objects along side the surreal, blurring the lines in between. Creating unique and impossible ideas that look as though they could exist in everyday life. 

INSTAGRAM: @callumwarrenart


Mr. Dimples

You’ll see Mr Dimples paste ups throughout the Bendigo CBD, his quirky Tim Burton inspired characters often represent his emotional response to daily life which can be as simple as happiness or anger. His canvas artworks delve deeper into frustrations about situations involving love, friendship, dating and work.

INSTAGRAM: @mrdimples74


Ashleigh Farrow

I like my work to be pretty and pleasing to the eye, and I also like to use a lot of juxtaposition to make the viewer focus on the pleasantries in the image.

INSAGRAM: @ashfarrowtattoos


David Snowdon

David is a graphic designer by trade with a passion for illustration, his self published book ‘The Nerdy Birdy’ shows his ability to create friendly characters full of personality. His more recent work is created using a stipple technique.

INSTAGRAM: @davidsnowdon


Jahmiele Hicks

I’ve been doing art ‘stuff’ since I was old enough to hold a pencil. My favourite methods/materials are sketching, linework, watercolour, and gouache, but recently I’ve taken up digital and have completed a couple of commissions and creating various designs for tattoos.

INSTAGRAM: @helleodi



Australian & UK based pop artist Hackney Hockney, divides his time equally in both countries in an attempt to avoid winter & paint vibrant dynamic paintings which captivate & at times titillate the viewer. Drawing from varied references, including mid-century art, posters, advertising and the image saturated internet that consider the possibilities of contemporary pop culture & art as both, medium & metaphor. Also known as Ha Ho Art his recent works have developed into allegories for a long distance relationship, as is the case in the Pennyweight Walk mural.

Bordering on the subversive but always with a nod & a wink, humour is fundamental for this artist. Using the postmodern technique of pastiche where the display of disparate images and styles tends to reduce everything to equivalent signs. Ha Ho combines figuration with a varied pictorial language of multi imagery that reflect a collage aesthetic & by taking images out of their original context and re-contextualizing them into complex ensembles, mixing modes of representation and appropriated readymade motifs suggesting but defying any legible narrative.

INSTAGRAM: @ha_ho_art


Josephine Gullan

Josephine is a year twelve student studying art, she is keen to break into the art scene. Her work usually centres around issues that she thinks should be discussed. She works with a variety of mediums ranging from acrylic paint and watercolour to recyclable materials.


Sunny Syme

Her style focuses on cartoon or stylised portraits who are mostly females. She likes working mostly in fineliner and markers but is keen to put her skills to the test in Pennyweight Walk.

INSTAGRAM: @the_weathergirl_


Connor CaNtwell

He’s 15 years old and studies art and music. With some experience with graffiti projects using stencils and traditional spray painting techniques. He focuses on drawing people and is currently working on the use of colour pallets and landscapes. We’re stoked to give Connor a chance to paint his first commissioned mural.



This project is commissioned by City of Greater Bendigo, Nacho Station were engaged to curate and manage the project.