A call for Bendigo's available walls

Ashmans Lane is currently covered in ugly tags and in much need of a face lift.

Ashmans Lane is currently covered in ugly tags and in much need of a face lift.

EDIT: Due to lack of support by the community to paint artworks in the CBD we have partnered with Bike Bendigo to submit a new creative project, read about it here. 

With funding available through the 2018 Regional Centre for Culture grants we are putting the feelers out for local businesses in the CBD who have a spare wall.  

If you're a local to the CBD area, we'd love some hot tips on areas in the CBD that need some long awaited attention. 

We aim to acquire funding to hold a mural festival that would see various Bendigo walls painted by a number of local artists.  

 We will be calling for cooperation between many communities in Bendigo, including: 

  • Bendigo Council
  • State Trustees
  • Business community
  • Community envolvement

We are aiming to revitalise our city streets, laneways and shopping precincts by breathing colour into forgotten spaces.


Street art has proven to be an attraction for many cities, it's about time we put Bendigo on the map as a destination for public murals and permanently vibrant streets. 


What about these locations?

We are yet to secure any walls, examples below are spaces we believe would be perfect for the Bendigo Mural Festival. 

If you can help us secure a wall in the CBD, please get in touch.

Baccus Arcade

Shortcut between Mitchell Street and Lyttleton Terrace


Ashmans Lane

Off Williamson Street across from BGO Post office