Jack Does Bendigo Bank Central


Bendigo Bank Central - Formerly known as Fountain Court, is the walk way and gatehing space connecting businesses between Bath Lane, Mitchell Street and the Bendigo Bank main office.

The revitalisation of this space has been swift and made an immediate improvement to the desirability of this once neglected area. 

The Centre column was one of those features you'd like to have removed to enhance the way the space can be used, considering that was not an option, Nacho Station was engaged to create a unique chalk artwork that would be a point of interest.

We've long been making chalk signs and artworks in Bendigo, this was the first chalkboard that wrapped around the canvas 360 degrees. This unique surface presented us with an idea, to create a disjointed artwork that only revealed the whole story once you see all of the surfaces. 

Our intention was to invite people to explore the space, forcing them to do a full lap of the centre and take it all in, Bendigo Bank Central is no longer only a shortcut between streets. 

We hope our chalk mural takes the first step in extending the time one might take walking around Bendigo Bank Central and compliments the other exciting changes to the space.