Bendigos first legal graffiti wall - Bendigo Skatepark


The McIvor Road Skatepark has been officially deemed a legal graffiti wall. 

Bendigo's talented street artists finally have somewhere to paint without needing to vandalise someones property or run the risk of getting caught. 

There are only a few simple rules the Bendigo Council have asked of participants to follow

  1. Don't paint on the ramps
  2. Keep it clean / PG
  3. Be mindful of others using the space

As Bendigo's skaters will tell you, this Skatepark was a messy ill informed design from the get go, at least now skaters and street artists alike can take some ownership of the space.

This is a great first step for Bendigo in the reduction of illegal graffiti on the streets as well as enabling local street artists to refine their skills, there is plenty more to be done and the positive outcomes of this space should hopefully see more legal graffiti walls popping up in the CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Although it's only early days, it's impressive to note that the businesses directly surrounding the Bendigo skatepark have seen a reduction in graffiti, especially the side of the hardware store which has been renown for regular vandalism. The future of Bendigos legal walls is now in the hands of graffiti and street artists.