Paint Jam! For Graffiti Writers and Street Artists of Bendigo


We’re excited to help bring more street artists and graffiti writers to the Back Creek Art Trail in Bendigo.

With support from the City of Greater Bendigo, Ironlak, Haymes Paint and Bendigo’s local artists. We will have a fun day of painting and filling these awesome underpasses with new works.

The day will start at Williamson Street Bridge, where artists can sign in and collect their paint.

The Back Creek Art Trail is steadily becoming an attraction for cyclists and walkers from Bendigo or those visiting town, Williamson Street Bridge was one of the first underpasses to be build by the City of Bendigo, Nacho station has been involved in several activations of the space since 2015. Including most recently Project underpass. You can find more information about this project by clicking the button below.

If you’d like to see how Williamson Street Underpass looked just before we painted over it then check out the video.

Come along to watch some of Bendigo’s most exciting street artists and Graffiti writers in action on 10th August 2019.