Project underpass sets the speed limit along Bendigo’s newest arty trail.

4 artists, 3 bridges and a whole lot of concrete walls.

The Back Creek Art Trail connects the Spring Gully and Bendigo Creek Trails. This new link passes under several roads and provides safe travel for cyclists and walkers, all the way from Spring Gully to Epsom.

Mundy Street, Williamson Street and Miller Street now showcase new works by Bendigo street artists.

This project was made possible through Creative Victorias amazing Regional Centre for Culture program, Bike Bendigo and the amazing artists collaborating under the Nacho Station banner.

Artist walk 27 Oct 2018

Images above courtesy of Justin Castles from Justin and Jim Photography


Mundy Street

Key artist: Raven Alice

Raven Alice, AKA: Chantelle Lyons, takes it back to the beginning with her immersive psychedelic mural, it’s inspired by the Mycelium Network which connects trees and plants together underground. A truly amazing phenomenon which enabled life on earth.

You might not have heard about this mysterious network of fungi that lives underneath our feet. Watch the video to get a better understanding and appreciation for the idea behind this immersive mural.


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Williamson Street

Ket artist: Patrick Thompson

Patrick’s mural questions the interaction between humans and modern age technology. So, what consumes you?

Patrick used Williamson Street underpass to spread positivity to the wider community with a blast of colour. There’s a an obvious question posed in his mural, along with a message to slow down and soak in the surroundings, how fitting!

Patrick works as a designer at a creative agency in Bendigo, usually working within the creative limitations of brands; projects like this offer an opportunity to operate in a different creative capacity.

ALSO FEATURING: Will Hearne, Nacho and Toli

Will Hearnes involvement can be seen on the wing of Williamson Street (pictured above). Existing artworks by Nacho (emerging hand mural) and Toli (drain pipe character) remain on the walls from the Project Underpass pilot program supported by Bendigo City in 2015.


Miller street

Key Artist: Mr. Dimples

What will the future look like? Artificial intelligence and extra-terrestrial beings maybe? Mr. Dimples brigs his version of the future; with his iconic characters playing the leading role.

You’ll see Mr Dimples paste ups throughout the Bendigo CBD. His quirky Tim Burton inspired characters often represent his emotional response to daily life which can be as simple as happiness or anger. His canvas artworks delve deeper into frustrations about situations involving love, friendship, dating and work.

INSTAGRAM: @mrdimples74