A mural with a meaning! This is a place where you can belong.

Nacho Station helped create a vibrant space that Headspace can now utilise to hold events and outdoor activities, right in the centre of Bendigo.

Headspace Mural - Nacho Statiuon - Wes Franklin - Bendigo - A place to belong FINALS-6.jpg

Wes Franklin and Reece Hendy teamed up to create this typography centred mural in the Headspace carpark. The mural wasn’t just completed by our 2 artists, it was a joint effort from several young creative people associated with the headspace facility. For the participants who joined in, they learnt how to prepare the surface and got involved in the brainstorm and design process. We also taught them how to project an artwork using a digital projector and they got their hands dirty helping to paint this positive mural.

This wall is tucked away beside the Headspace Building in Bendigo and not visible from the street. It’s usually only used as a carpark but it’s also visible through the windows of the Headspace building.

We love the idea that people new to using Headspace services will be greeted through the window by a very welcoming message.

We are very grateful to the Headspace team for bringing us in to revitalise this space while providing an opportunity to a group of creative young people, the helpers we had were very motivated and keen to learn the tricks of the trade. We’re sure they will progress with their art endeavours and apply some of their new knowledge of large scale artwork in the future.

This project wouldn’t be possible without the support of the passionate team at Headspace, sponsorship from the Hindsight Club and all our amazing helpers who joined in over the course of the mural. If you love the typography work you should check out the amazing work of Wes Franklin at his website or follow him on instagram @wj_franklin.